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Confidence Junkie | Q+A with Melissa Brode

One of the best parts of being a health coach is meeting other coaches doing their work in the world. Last fall, I met Melissa Brode of Fuel Wellness, and I just know that her wisdom will touch many of your lives! We put together a quick Q+A for you, and I encourage you to check out the resources Melissa mentions and her own work! [LB] You call yourself a confidence junkie-say more about what t...
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Rewrite the script

Have you ever listened to your personal script? The one that dictates how every situation will play out because that’s what always happens? The one that spills out in words and makes sure that the situation plays out the way it’s supposed to? The one you’re so very, very tired of because it just makes you … more tired? Parenting a 10-year-old and a teenager involves many such scenes, each one usu...
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