I’m all about community-building—in-person and virtual! Find out about all the ways you can join my village below.

in person | live events


NEW virtual workshop in June!

Join me in June and learn about how you can EAT™ your way to health!

Pick a Monday, grab your lunch, find a quiet place, and let’s share a meal and talk about how to get to your optimal health.

This workshop is offered at 12pm ET on June 15, 22, 29—choose your date at registration.

Register here!

place setting

FREE virtual wednesday workshops!

Join me 3 times a month for a virtual workshop on making the best food choices.

The information provided is simple and actionable, and each workshop provides a downloadable resource as a helpful takeaway.

  • “What’s the best way to eat?” takes a look at making the right choices for you right now.
  • “Label reading 101” helps you choose the healthiest foods.
  • “Maybe I should give up ___” dives into how to thrive without certain foods, whether it’s giving up meat, gluten, dairy, sugar or other foods entirely or just cutting down.

Liza has inspired me to deepen my relationship with the food I buy and eat! Reminding me that while food quality and portion size matter, so does the state of awareness I’m in while eating! Thank you so very much for sharing your culinary genius with us, Liza. By simplifying  your wisdom into manageable “bite-sized” bits, you’ve upleveled my consumer consciousness and my shopping confidence. I am grateful!

Jenny S.

Workshops are free, and registration is required: follow the links below to register.


stay in the know

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on the air | podcast


That’s right—there’s a new podcast in town: The Simply: Health Coaching Podcast!

I’ll be airing solo episodes and interviews that focus on reclaiming your integrative health—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

Our topics will range from the food we put in our mouths to everything else that nourishes us—or doesn’t!

We’ve spent too much time overcomplicating life: it’s time to simplify.

(That’s why the word “simply” is in my business name!)

Every episode will introduce a simple concept you can master and/or a baby step you can take to finally reach your health goals—and sustain them.

Make sure to subscribe in your favorite listening app—you can find your options on the podcast’s main page.

online | the (sorta) secret sisterhood


our clubhouse is moving!

Read more about our online community for women 40+, and then decide:

You have the choice to join our already-established community, which will remain open until July 2020 or hop into the new one, where content will gradually be migrated over the first half of 2020.

All members will be asked to transfer membership as of June 30, 2020.

already joined the new clubhouse?

You can log in here.