EAT proven process

Whether I’m working with a team of employees, a private group, or an individual, the same principles apply. Simply: Health Coaching does not provide one-size-fits-all prescriptive  programming (think: specific diets, workouts, stress relief practices, etc.) 

Because the most important principle of Integrative Nutrition®-style coaching is a focus on bio-individuality, the idea that we are all unique-orns. My food might be your poison; your kale, my Kryptonite.

So if you’re an employer looking for wellness programming, know that every member of your team will experience my programs as an individual to the greatest extent possible.

first, let’s talk about YOU.

what happened to your dream?

  • Are you experiencing burnout at work?
  • Has your health been suffering, but nobody has been able to pinpoint the cause? Have you gotten some less-than-ideal numbers from your doctor? Are you feeling some aches and pains? Always exhausted? Blue? Moody? Grumpy?
  • Do you work in a mission-driven organization where you spend all day in service to others? Do you then go home and take care of everybody else’s needs there, too?
  • Have your own needs been shelved until … well, when?
  • Are you living the life you dreamed would be yours, or does it feel like life just got in the way?
  • Do others think you’re living the dream, but you feel like you’re living a big, fat lie?

here’s your do-over!

  • Get healthy. Improve your numbers, lose the aches and pains, feel rested and more emotionally stable.
  • Show up for you. Create space to take care of your own needs—at work and at home.
  • Live the dream. Get back in touch with your dream or dream a new one … and start living it!

my approach

Whether we work together 1:1 or in a group, we follow the same proven process, EAT™, which stands for:

  • ENGAGE your inner wisdom to discover your core values.
  • ALIGN your daily choices with those values to create sustainable habits.
  • TRANSFORM your life by layering microhabits one upon another.

(And coming from the culinary world, I think it’s pretty cool that you can EAT™ your way to health!)

I practice an integrative approach to health and wellness, which means that I help you discover how all facets of your life are connected, how your food and lifestyle choices nourish you (or not). Deep down, you know what to do—I help you listen to that still, small voice you’ve maybe been ignoring.

We’ll start by exploring your food choices—not by focusing on calorie counting or complex calculations of carbs, fats, and proteins and not by creating lists of restrictions or classifying foods as “good” and “bad.” Instead, I coach you to determine what food choices work best for you and are sustainable in your given situation.

And perhaps more importantly, we’ll take a look at what nourishes you in addition to food: how are your lifestyle choices feeding your life, and how are they toxifying it?

We’ll create a personalized roadmap to your dream life, a plan that will get you there by taking such small steps that you’ll develop sustainable, new, healthy habits almost without even realizing it.

We connect virtually via phone or video conference—whatever makes you most comfortable.

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your investment

Think about health coaching as a sound investment in yourself and/or your team/organization—one with unimaginable dividends that accrue daily!

  • It makes sense that a holistically healthy employee is happier—and makes for a happier, more productive workplace with less absenteeism and presenteeism, which in turn means savings for your company.
  • Employees are looking for stand-out benefits packages: providing health coaching can provide you with that leading edge.
  • And as an individual, if you don’t have your health, how will you show up at home and at work, for yourself and for others in your life?
  • If you consider that getting your health sorted now can save you lots of money in doctor’s bills later, why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?
  • If you consider that just one fancy coffee drink (perhaps plus a little accompanying nibble) per day during a work week can run you over a thousand dollars in a year, why wouldn’t you spend money on something that is not only better for you but will leave you with the resources to be healthy for the rest of your life?
  • And if you think you simply don’t have time to get healthy, you may be shocked by how little time it actually takes!

my guarantee

I guarantee results if you do the work: as part of our work together, we will regularly assess whether you are receiving full value for your program.

ready to get started?

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Photo Laura McCaffery, 2020