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Meal Planning Made Simple

Registration is now closed for this event. See you in 2020!

My health coaching practice’s tagline is, “It’s the food. And it’s more than the food.” That’s because getting healthy is not only about “fixing” the food we put in our mouths: it’s about getting into right relationship with all the aspects of our lives that contribute to our integrative health.

Join me for the third in a series of in-person events and hands-on workshops that will nourish you on both the primary and secondary food levels! In this series, we’ll combine the creation and sharing of a mindful, healthful meal with an Integrative Nutrition® topic and activity.

You’ll get a cooking and meal planning class combined with a group health coaching session!

Each workshop in the series is a stand-alone event—you can attend one or more, and you need not have attended an earlier one for the later ones to make sense.

The third session will be a chance for you to make a Thanksgiving meal plan, learn more about my Fl!p Your K!tchen® system, and consider the concept of gratitude.

Space is limited, so be sure to register early!

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Location provided at registration
$185/person: coupon code BRUNCH35 gets you $35 off, and if you register more than one person, use coupon code PLUS1 for even more off!

*Join us at 9:30am for a pop-up yoga + mindfulness practice! No advance registration necessary—$10 per person collected at the door. BYOM (bring your own mat)