Yes, I am.

This week, I’d like to revisit last week’s post, Full stop.

Why? Because I can and because it sparked a lot of responses, not just a couple in the blog comment section but a lot more than usual as responses to my email.

  • One woman wrote, “I almost feel like we have to WHISPER this—so no one overhears!”
  • Another explored whether our physical environment and the company we keep limit our ability to own our awesomeness. (I’m looking forward to diving more deeply into that conversation with her soon!)
  • Many wrote simply to say “Thanks for the post!” or “What a great reminder!”
  • And very, very few took me up on my challenge to say outright why they consider themselves amazing.

I just want to say, QED: it’s much easier for us to compliment one another and/or change the subject than to own our inner awesomeness!

I did realize belatedly that I could have set a better example by actually stating what I consider amazing about myself, so here it is: I am very, very good at health coaching.

As I like to say, there are no coincidences in the Universe, only miracles: the day after I realized my omission and decided to remedy it in this week’s post, a beautiful testimonial showed up in my inbox.

Normally, I would tuck it away on my feedback page, and since this is exactly the sort of discomfort I’m suggesting we overcome, I’m pasting it here in full because yes—I am amazing.

I decided to treat myself to 6 months of health coaching with Liza at a time when I was doing many things “right” in my quest for good health, but I wasn’t getting the results I was expecting. I am so glad I did; my time with Liza is the single most important gift I’ve ever given myself.

The first call was such a surprise. I expected to talk about food and my eating and exercise habits, and we talked about so much more—my relationships, family, job, sleep, goals, frustrations, and yes, eventually, diet. Liza has taught me that all those areas of my life were primary foods and what went into my mouth was secondary. If I could find balance and satisfaction with my primary foods, some of my “failings” in healthy living could resolve themselves. Really?

She was right. And she guided me on the path. At first, I did things like getting to the gym, for her. She held me accountable. I don’t even remember when it shifted and I was going to the gym for myself. And I was enjoying it again.

Liza has a delightful outlook on life—curious, optimistic, joyful—which is catching. She reframes what some would consider hardships into opportunities, and if you embrace that outlook, well then, life is really beautiful, and you recognize that there is time—plenty of time—to get to where you want to be.

After six months, I have learned so much about myriad topics, some expected and some I consider bonus material. The path wasn’t always direct; I encountered hurdles when life disrupted my plan, but Liza ensured I was never derailed.

The best outcome is that I am kind to myself. Every. Day.


And what really makes my heart sing about this testimonial is that this client started from a place of recognizing that she is worthy of gifts to herself—she owned her inner awesomeness.

I’m re-issuing my invitation this week: tell me in the comments or in an email why you’re amazing, and then make a full stop. (And just wait—I’ll bet if you’re open to it, you’ll get confirmation from the Universe in short order.)