Unplugged…on vacation in Montague, MI

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Last weekend, my kids and I spent 24 hours “unplugged” at a fellow IIN student’s lakeside cottage in Montague, MI. (Our kids were initially a bit weirded out by the fact that two “total strangers” would have the adult equivalent of a playdate/sleepover, but even they eventually admitted, “It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’d be….”)

For me, it was 24 hours of radical self-care: what a luxury to be away from work, cleaning, laundry, groceries, with nothing to do but sit (and walk and build sandcastles) on the beach and have meaningful conversations!


  • To Paula, Pagiel, Annika, and Zack for their hospitality.
  • To Mother Nature for beautiful weather and especially striking sunset and sunrise.
  • To Lake Michigan for waves and sand (and a place for Nikolai to learn to skimboard)!
  • To Lummi Island Wild for delicious fish for dinner and local farms and stores for the veggies to go with it.
  • For pitch black night, forest smells and sounds to sleep by.
  • For a morning meditation on a dune overlooking the water.
  • For a garter snake to see us off.
  • To Mother Nature again for a crazy thunderstorm on the drive home – the pull-over-and-wait-it-out kind.
  • To Katerina for putting up with “too much nature,” especially the voracious mosquitos, so her mom could have a playdate!

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