full moon

turn, turn, turn

To everything there is a season (Turn, turn, turn.) And depending on your inclinations, you can thank Ecclesiastes or Pete Seeger—or both—for the earworm.

And this season, I find myself in the midst of some twists and turns—some expected, some less so … and all good. I think?

It’s almost the middle of December, and we’ve just seen the last full moon of 2022. Astrologically speaking, the full moon is about resting and releasing just as the new moon is the time for creativity and new projects. (I generally don’t cite Yahoo news, but when it’s an article about astrology and the author’s last name is Stardust, how can I resist?)

So I thought I’d share a bit about what’s happening at Simply: Health Coaching during the next few weeks. It’s a bit of releasing and a bit of new beginnings—which I somehow unintentionally aligned with moon time!

rest + release

I’ll be taking the last two weeks of December off from my coaching practice to rest, recharge, and reflect. This is the time of year I generally plan out the upcoming 12 months at least tentatively. Sometimes, the plan goes sideways, and that’s okay.

I’ll be enjoying time with family in my new/old home in Vermont, reveling in the fact that I don’t have to pack up and leave at the end of vacation! (And perhaps questioning whether it’s really not THAT much colder than Michigan?)

I’m also releasing some ideas about making employee wellness consulting and health coaching a full-time career. It’s definitely been FT work for the past five years—without the benefit of FT pay. Still, it’s the dream. Want to help me create it?

consider + create

During the weekdays, I’ll still be providing virtual wellness workshops and cooking demos and health coaching as well as working on converting my EAT | Your Way to Health™ program into an employee wellness benefit for employers to license. Look for at least one new free challenge this year, too!

In the early evenings, I’ll be starting a new part-time job in Nutrition Services at the local medical center—still related to health and nutrition but in an institutional setting.

One of the benefits of the work is that I’m on the evening shift, leaving me days to still do the wellness work I love. (Haha, yes, if you know me, pray for me AND the patients: 4–7:30pm is NOT my best time of day!)

what the year (tentatively) looks like

employee wellness programming

  • I create wellness workshops and cooking demos/classes (virtual and, depending on location, in-person) with your team in mind. Email me and let’s talk about your employee wellness needs.
  • You can also take advantage of the monthly workshops I already provide—see below for more information.

individual health coaching

I’m available for 1:1 coaching if you’re ready. Sign up for a free consult, and let’s get started!

quarterly themes

I’ve planned out 2023 with a theme for each quarter and month—sometimes related to health- and wellness-related observances, sometimes based on a topic I think is important. My thought is that with less time to work on my practice, my blog posts, podcast episodes, emails, and LinkedIn posts will be more coherent. (Rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle applies to lots of things!)

  • January–March | Back to Basics: We’ll dig into the most basic questions about what health and wellness coaching is and does as well as the basics of whole foods nutrition.
  • April–June | Spring Cleaning: We’ll explore ways to clean up our food and lifestyle choices on a deeper level.
  • July–September | Squirrel Energy: When summer produce is most abundant and the weather has us more active, we’ll take a look at how we can carry our Integrative Nutrition®  nuggets back to our nests for fall and winter.
  • October–December | Rest + Digest: As Mother Nature winds down for the winter, we’ll also move inward and find a new rhythm for the colder season.

monthly offerings

My monthly offerings will continue!

  • Fl!p Your K!tchen® Sessions: First Sunday of every month (yes, including January 1st because why wait?!?) from 10am–12pm ET on Zoom
  • Mid-week Wellness Workshops: First Wednesday of every month from 9–10am ET on Zoom

How can you participate?

  • Employers
    • Purchase a corporate subscription, which gives your entire team access to all 20 workshops/replay + some bonuses. Through the end of 2022, you can get a 25% discount by using the coupon code WELLNESS at check-out. These workshops are a great way to introduce wellness programming to your team OR as an add-on to programs you already provide.
    • Email me if you want to offer individual workshops for your team. You can either get a coupon code that gives team members a discount OR you can get one that registers them for free, and I’ll send you an invoice based on registration.
  •  Individuals

other ways to connect

  • FREE office hours: Second Tuesday of every month from 12–1pm ET on Zoom (Drop in—no need to make an appointment, just be sure to sign up to receive the Zoom link.)
  • If you’re a reader, I’ll be blogging more regularly and sending out an email with the link when a new post is up.
  • If you love audio content, I’ll be podcasting regularly as well. Here you’ll find solo audio versions of my blog posts and some interviews as well.
  • Follow my page on LinkedIn and/or connect with me there

make the connection

Whatever your plans for 2023, I hope you will include some time on health and wellness—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic…. And I hope to be a part of your health journey!