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The secret’s out….

Last night at the dinner table, my son asked how long it’s been since the new Administration has been in the White House. More than a year, I said, thinking back to the Women’s March in January 2017….

Based on a lot of conversations I’ve had with women over the past year—and even further back—I’m going to generalize and say that two themes stand out:

  1. Women are creatures of community—whether we are raging extroverts or confirmed introverts, most of us have “a village” of other women we rely on, real or virtual.
  2. And while we thrive in community, there are still a lot of topics that are not openly discussed—despite the progress we’ve made over the centuries, most of these continue to be about women’s bodies, minds, and spirits and the changes we go through, from puberty to perimenopause and beyond.

(not so) secret sisterhoods

Sorta Secret Sisterhood LogoI’ve written a fair bit about the (not so) secret sisterhoods, the ones that remain hidden until one of us is brave enough or broken enough to whisper her story to someone … and is rewarded not with the judgment she expected but with a flood of #metoo messages and support and sisterly love.

And my coaching practice supports these women—those of us gripping the minivan steering wheel in the grocery parking lot, wondering what would happen if we grabbed the grocery money and just. kept. driving.

From my completely unscientific market research, social media groups are full of these women—and most of them are drowning in the negativity and judgment and cattiness that doesn’t serve us. Or they’re full of people pushing their agendas on us: the latest diet or detox, workout or woo, smoothie or supplement, antidepressants or HRT—basically THE silver bullet that will save us once and for all. Only it doesn’t. And all these silver bullets cost us lots of money.

So I’ve decided to start a (sorta) secret club, a membership site I call the (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood, a safe and positive online space where we can meet and talk about (or just lurk and hear about) what’s going on in our lives and with our bodies, minds, and spirits as we move into our 40s and beyond.

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From April–June of 2018, I had an awesome group of wise women—”the big sisters”—helping me to create the most positive, proactive virtual village we can imagine, and we officially opened the clubhouse doors on July 1, 2018.

Want a sneak peek? Get 1 month FREE when you use coupon code TRIBE!

Don’t keep this a secret: pass the sneak peek link on to any women you know who might benefit from belonging!