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The buzz in the kitchen

Seventeen years ago, I spent Labor Day in labor: Happy 17th Birthday to my firstborn! This year, I’m spending Labor Day weekend on the final revision of Fl!p Your K!tchen. If my third “child” turns out anywhere near as smart, funny, and beautiful as my first, I will consider it time well spent!

Just now, the buzz in my head is probably due to an overdose of caffeine, but I wanted to share with you a different kind of buzz—the latest about the book:

  • I’m planning on increasing the first run, since I’ve sold more than 90% of what I originally planned to print through pre-order! Thanks to those of you who who have already ordered—your copy will ship the first week of November if you live outside the Ann Arbor area or don’t pick it up when you join me for the launch party on November 4.
  • Can’t make it to the launch party? I’ll be doing book talks/signings at a number of locations around the Ann Arbor area (and I’m looking into doing some in other areas as well, both in Michigan and beyond, so if you’re interested in hosting one, let me know!) Come see me—I’ll be posting dates/times/locations to the Events page.
  • You can still pre-order the book at a reduced price until October 31.

And finally, I wanted to share with you some kind words about the book from some people you may know. And if you don’t know them, be sure to check out the links and get to know them and their projects—every one of them is doing exciting and valuable work in the field of food and/or health. (Liz’s book is now available, and at last count, Oran’s is being used in more than 20 educational institutions across the country!)


Liza Baker’s commitment to SOLE food (seasonal, organic, local, ethical) is like Fair Food Network’s belief in a food system that is healthy, green, fair and affordable. Liza is in the forefront of the movement to put SOLE food back in our kitchens and fair food back in our schools, our markets, and on our tables across the country.

Oran B. Hesterman, PhD
President + CEO, Fair Food Network
Author, Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All


After years of working with clients, I know what gets results when it comes to making real change in the kitchen. Liza’s 
Fl!p Your K!tchen™ System is guaranteed to save you time and money and is flexible enough for even the pickiest eaters. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Julia Sarver
Holistic Health Coach


Food is Love. It’s the vitamin “L,” the essential nutrient for all people that is found in homemade scratch cooking. The personal energy that passes through our hands and into the food we prepare infuses our meals with a love that truly fills the hearts and souls of everyone we nourish. Liza’s incredible knowledge and experience have been poured into this book. 
Fl!p Your K!tchen is a work of Love and Spirit, one that will be a “cooking bible” for all newbie cooks.

Peggy Curry
Co-founder, Curry Girls Kitchen and Growing Great


This is a thoughtful, fun, and inspiring guide for anyone interested in reclaiming the kitchen and loving every minute of it. Liza understands the challenges we face today in making healthy and realistic choices and she approaches these challenges head on with practical solutions for cooks at any level.

Liz Alpern
Co-author, The Gefilte Manifesto