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Soup weather

butternut squash
what happened? That's right: I'm baaack! Thanks to everyone who reached out and said, "What happened? Are you alright? I didn't see a new blog post last week!" Yeah, I'm alright. My site was hacked last week, and I was channeling Snoopy shaking his fist at the Red Baron as I realized that the hackers had broken my streak of blogging weekly, which was going on two full years. To be comple...
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This is a test…

...of the technoidiot broadcasting system. Hello? Are you receiving? Kind of an odd way to advertise the launch of my new website, but it's been a rather steep learning curve over the last month as I revise it for upcoming changes in my practice! More improvements on the way, but in the meantime, please browse around, send me feedback by email or via the contact form, and sign up for my m...
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