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New + improved?

Black Friday
Full disclosure: if you love Black Friday, this post is likely to piss you off—maybe read it anyway? america, the privileged Last weekend when I was grocery shopping, I discovered that the label on my favorite brand of canned tomatoes had been redesigned ... again, for the second time in a year, I think! Same brand, same tomatoes, new label. It reminded me that in the early nineties, I shared...
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Come up to the lab…

If your mind immediately filled in that blank with "and see what's on the slab," you're proof that campy movies never die. THAT one has been entertaining college students since I was 10 years old. And what place, you might be thinking, does The Rocky Horror Picture Show have in a blog post on health, especially a post that ought to be focusing on either how to create a healthy Thanksgiving meal...
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Welcome to the trough

Because explaining what I do as a health coach can be difficult—while the profession is certainly growing, it’s still an alien concept for many—I like to talk about my work using stories, which seem to make more sense than a lot of theory and explanation. You can check out the previous stories in this month's series here: Where are you hiding? and How do you come to the kitchen? After the feedi...
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Thanksgiving 2017 Helpline

Have you downloaded the Fl!p Your K!tchen Thanksgiving 2017 recipe packet yet? If you have and you have questions about the recipes or the strategy that will help you cook most of your meal ahead so you can spend your day with your loved ones, join me on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 for an updated version of the Butterball Hotline! Because I'm all about planning in advance, it's happening TOMO...
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SOLE food | Your nickel’s worth

pixabay farmers' market
This is the final post in the SOLE food series, in which we stepped away a bit from primary foods nutrition and focused again on secondary foods, the ones we put in our mouths. As you find your way on your health journey, getting your food choices sorted can be what Charles Duhigg calls a keystone habit in his book The Power of Habit: a keystone habit is one that not only creates a desired change—...
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