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What’s for dinner, Mom?

what's for dinner, mom? For a working woman, that one innocent question at the end of the day can cause a lot of stress. (Yes, yes, I know men cook, too, but there's still this gap you may have heard about....) When I work with clients on meal planning, the first barrier we normally encounter is the idea that weeknight meals should be Instagram-able. They don't, so stop shoulding all over y...
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Soup weather

butternut squash
what happened? That's right: I'm baaack! Thanks to everyone who reached out and said, "What happened? Are you alright? I didn't see a new blog post last week!" Yeah, I'm alright. My site was hacked last week, and I was channeling Snoopy shaking his fist at the Red Baron as I realized that the hackers had broken my streak of blogging weekly, which was going on two full years. To be comple...
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Flip Your Kitchen: Deconstructing Soup

…one of the biggest barriers we’re facing, in terms of people eating healthier food, is that most Americans don’t know how to cook that well. It is absolutely possible to eat well and cheaply and quickly from scratch, but you have to be a very skilled cook. ~Tracie McMillan Author of The American Way of Eating When I tell people I went to culinary school, a large percentage sighs, “Oh, I would ...
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