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SOLE food | Organic

pixabay organic tomato
This month, we’re stepping away a bit from primary foods nutrition and focusing again on secondary foods, the ones we put in our mouths. As you find your way on your health journey, getting your food choices sorted can be what Charles Duhigg calls a keystone habit in his book The Power of Habit: a keystone habit is one that not only creates a desired change—it also has a cascade of other good habi...
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Why farmers go organic

Ever since we lived near (actually, right next door to!) the farmers' market in Torrance, I've loved supporting local small farmers. Moving to Ann Arbor gave me the chance to connect with local growers on an even deeper level and learn a lot from them about how and why they grow their crops in a sustainable fashion that doesn't harm - and even helps - the environment and nourishes our physical wel...
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