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SOUL food | Loving

This is the final post in the SOUL food series—you can find the first one at SOUL food | Seasonal, the second at SOUL food | Organic, and the third at SOUL food | Unique. Relationships are one of the most important primary foods in our lives, and we rarely (if ever) think about our relationship with ourselves as one of them—and so it is perhaps the one we rarely tend to. I'm a podcast junkie...
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A still, small voice

pixabay quiet
We have a freshman in college, and as most freshman parents, we attended a parent orientation when we dropped our daughter off in August. The auditorium was packed with parents, some with students in tow, and across the front of the room were arrayed about a dozen staff members of the college. It turned out that they were representatives of each division of the college—campus safety, counseling...
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Happy Labor Day, Happy Birth-day

Labor Day weekend has come to represent a lot more than just a moment to honor the labor movement in the United States, so much so that we don't often pause to remember that's what the holiday is really about: a celebration of the victories achieved by organized labor in the late 19th century, many of which we take for granted—eight-hour work days, 5-day work weeks, restrictions on child labor, sa...
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A half-empty nest

pixabay nest
I've recently been going through an experience that in an odd way reminds me of what my daughter went through most of last year: encountering the inevitable questions. For her, it was "Where are you applying, and what are you going to study?" (And yes, I did my fair share of asking other teens I know despite the fact that I know a lot of them hate it.) For me, it's "When does K leave for col...
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Belly up to the [fill in the blank] bar

pixabay spinach
It's a gray early Sunday morning in Ann Arbor—even I sleep in most Sundays (sometimes even as late as 7am :) ), but today is my first 5K—nope, just walking—and that's a story for another day.... As spring slips away and summer comes into full swing, we're playing "the single parenting game" at my house—this happens annually for anywhere from 2–4 months at a time. You can read more about this in...
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Self-care + Happy Stockholders!

I wrote this for a wonderful networking group I am privileged to belong to—if you're an entrepreneur looking for a facilitated referral team, check out Caerusnet (and if there isn't one in your area, you can be trained as a facilitator and start your own)! Although the post is written for entrepreneurs, it's just as relevant for those of us who are overscheduled professionals, parents, employees.....
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Absence makes the self care fonder

My husband travels to China on a regular basis - not only does he teach and write about Chinese literature, art history, and visual culture, he still has family in Hunan Province, so when he goes home, it's for an extended stay that combines guest speaking, research, and visiting family. Of course I hold it over his head that at this point, he owes me approximately 24 months of vacation, which ...
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Beat the Sugar Blues Workshop

Do you suffer from the sugar blues? Do you constantly crave sweets? Find out how you can control your sugar cravings without feeling deprived! Join me for a workshop hosted by A2 Martial Arts. Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 6pm-7pm 1952 S. Industrial Hwy. | Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Let us know you’re coming, or register and prepay below. simplyhealthcoaching.lizabaker@gmail.com caron@a2martialarts.com...
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The wonder of boys, girls, and bio-individuality

One of the principles of integrative nutrition is the theory of bio-individuality: each of us is unique, and therefore our needs for primary foods (career, spirituality, physical activity, relationships) and secondary foods (what we put in our mouths) also vary. One person's food is another one's poison - in terms of bio-individuality, that means that one person might thrive on a vegetarian diet,...
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