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Sweeten it, naturally

I recently conducted a survey of my virtual community to learn more about you, and one of the requests that came up most frequently in response to my question about what you want more information on was how to kick the sugar habit—which can become increasingly desirable if you have realized that sugar is a major trigger for hot flashes. I wrote about the why and how extensively in a blog post t...
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Thanksgiving 2017 Helpline

Have you downloaded the Fl!p Your K!tchen Thanksgiving 2017 recipe packet yet? If you have and you have questions about the recipes or the strategy that will help you cook most of your meal ahead so you can spend your day with your loved ones, join me on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 for an updated version of the Butterball Hotline! Because I'm all about planning in advance, it's happening TOMO...
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