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intentional leftovers

Oxymorons, their opposite … and hot breakfast

whole grain porridge
If you're a working mom ... ha, what is the opposite of an oxymoron? I mean, if an oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two seemingly opposite ideas (living death, seriously funny, deafening silence) for greater effect, what's the opposite of that? "Working mom" really is the opposite—it's two words that are so similar in meaning that it's almost too redundant: all mothers work, whet...
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“Intentional Leftovers” in the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal

The new Crazy Wisdom Community Journal is out...and I'm in it! Check out "Intentional Leftovers" on p. 66 of the January - April 2016 issue. Thanks again to Christian and Victoria at FYT Productions for the photo that accompanies the article! And yes - I'm following my own advice and making stock today from what's left of the Christmas turkey....
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