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Making space for the invited inevitable

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  Make space in your life for the inevitable arrival of what you want. ~Danielle LaPorte If you've been with me for a while, you know that in addition to being a health coach, I also work a part-time  "side hustle" as a grants and reports contractor for a nonprofit. I started there the year it was founded and have worn numerous (and sometimes multiple) hats, moving between part-time cont...
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SOUL food | Seasonal

As I mentioned at the end of last year, my focus has been shifting from helping clients with their SOLE foods—the seasonal, organic, local, and ethical foods that I recommend underpin your eating choices, no matter where you fall on the spectrum between vegan and omnivore—to supporting them in the area of SOUL foods—all the other parts of our lives that nourish us...or don't. If you want to try...
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Hitting the pause button

Our modern lives are full of demands on our time and energy – they come at us 24/7 in surround sound, whether in the real world or in the virtual one. As a three quarter time grants manager, an occasional freelance editor, a small business owner, a health coach, and a household manager for a family of four, I’m no stranger to this noise. Even at times when those two external worlds are relatively...
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