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What’s in a name?

Have you ever changed your name? My friend Audrey, a business coach for women entrepreneurs, has a podcast called Women Are the Journey, on which she talks to women about the entrepreneurial path (yup, I'm in there!) and also does solo segments called "Chew on this" about her own journey. If you identify as a woman and an entrepreneur, check out the podcast for a weekly dose of inspiration, ...
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Baby Steps

Baby steps
With me it's all er nuthin'. Is it all er nuthin' with you? ~Will in OKLAHOMA! Making New Year's Resolutions, particularly about our health, is a ritual many of us practice. And, it would seem, forgetting about them by mid-February or so is practiced just as frequently. Why do we have such a hard time with these annual goals? I think the secret lies in what sort of resolutions we set. I...
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Health is a journey – be sure to carry a map!

Before I work with a client, we have what I call a YOURstory session (like a history, but a little less gendered and a bit more personal!), an opportunity to reflect on their health - past, present, and future. One question I ask during this session seems to throw a lot of people: "At what point in your life did you feel best, and why do you think that is/was so?" For some, it's difficult because...
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Take Good Care: Mapping Your Way to Wellness

I hope you'll join me for a new workshop I'm presenting together with Su Hansen! $100/person, sliding scale available - call to register: 310-892-9485 or register and prepay below. full price - $100 per person 3/4 price - $75 per person 1/2 price - $50 per person The fine print: Payment in full is due by the day of the workshop.  If you decide not to attend, please do so by close of b...
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What if you threw a party…and nobody came?

When I was a caterer (in the years BC – before children), my husband would often watch me preparing madly for a party and comment, “What if they throw this big party and nobody shows up?” Luckily for me – not so much for the hosts – my contracts required at least 50 percent of the payment up front, so in most cases, my ingredients and labor for the prep staff were covered. This question came bac...
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Nourish Yourself for Fall…and into the Future!

PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED. JOIN US IN APRIL FOR OUR SPRING MINI-RETREAT. Full price - $200 per person 3/4 price - $150 per person 1/2 price - $100 per person The fine print: Payment in full is due by the day of the workshop.  If you decide not to attend, please do so by close of business on September 27, and we will return your payment minus a $25 cance...
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Physical Activity: Find Your Why

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I work with my clients to understand that our Primary Foods® (career, relationships, physical activity, spiritual practice, etc.) are just as important to our health and well-being as our secondary food – the nourishment we put in our mouths. Considering physical activity a type of nourishment is often one of the easier stretches for clients – after all, ...
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Your Harvest of Health

  What does Autumn mean to you? How do you prepare for the season with its ever-shorter days and the hibernation instinct lurking around the bend? This year, I'm collaborating with my colleague Paula Roelands on a retreat that can help you transform your life and take your health to a new level with a weekend of rest, relaxation, and life redesign: Greet and celebrate the energy of autum...
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