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What’s your value?

This month, I'm taking a look in the rearview mirror at 2018 and a peek ahead at the road ahead in 2019. I invite you to hop in and take some time to reflect on and forecast on your own life alongside me! It's the food. And it's more than the food. In less than 10 words, one of my very first clients summed up the essence of Integrative Nutrition®. And she did it using "and" instead of "but," so ...
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My relationship with what?

This month, I'm taking a look in the rearview mirror at 2018 and a peek ahead at the road ahead in 2019. I invite you to hop in and take some time to reflect on and forecast on your own life alongside me! One of the standard introductory exercises for Integrative Nutrition® clients, the Circle of Life is a jumping off point for discussing primary foods and goal setting—many other coaching progr...
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Rearview mirror | What we learn from reaching (or not) a goal

rearview mirror
It's definitely wintry in Ann Arbor, and our seasonal diet has shifted from the cool leafy salads and quickly grilled foods of summer to heartier root veggies and slowly simmered soups and stews. Everything seems to slow down and turn inward at this time of year, which makes late fall/early winter a perfect time to reflect on the year gone by and think about the one ahead. I've been looking ...
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New (School) Year’s Resolutions?

It's Labor Day weekend, and we've made another circle around the sun: as hard as it is to believe, I have two sophomores now: one in high school, one in college. And the new school year still feels like the start of a new year with new clothes, new school supplies, new haircuts ... and often new goals. Many working mothers I know greet September with a joy that's on a par with the despair th...
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April’s FREE health coaching webinar is on Wednesday!

Just a quick heads up: April’s FREE health coaching webinar is going to introduce you to what I call the DR/EAM process—a way to stop playing best supporting actress in everyone else’s lives and star in your own (life) movie! Register to get details of April event and notices of upcoming webinars. If you can’t make the live event, a replay/recording is always posted after the fact.
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Unlimited do-overs

pixabay new year
It's pretty common for New Year's resolutions to dissolve just weeks into the new year, and as we approach the start of 2018, I have some thoughts on why that's so. Don't get me wrong: I definitely don't discourage setting resolutions—I am just interested in exploring why we have a hard time keeping them, and I've come up with some tips to make resolutions more keep-able. arbitrary or intentio...
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Happy New (School) Year | What’s new + good?

I've always felt that September is, in an odd way, the start of a new year, and so it was nice to hear this confirmed by Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365. She identifies three "new years" in a twelve-month cycle: the start of the calendar year, the start of summer, and the start of the school year. The start of the school year has always been one of my favorite times of the year, not only because ...
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Mixed Metaphors | Stories of the resistance

I learned one of my favorite mixed metaphors from a fellow coach who said, "I view my job as leading a horse to water, then teaching it how to fish." (My son, who is completely obsessed with fishing, would likely take this on as a real challenge—and knowing him, that horse would not only learn how to fish but learn to love it.) As a coach, I take a more metaphorical view: I can lead you to w...
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When the stars line up: on luck, grace, and goals

When the stars line up, and you catch a good break, People think that you’re lucky, but you know it’s grace. "Timing Is Everything," Natalie Hemby/Troy Jones I'm a huge fan of podcasts: for those of us on the go from morning until night, reading is often a luxury, and podcasts can be added to commuting, workouts, mundane chores, etc. in a way that books normally can't. (And yes, I confess t...
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Hold out for the fairy tale

pixabay fairy tale
It seems as though 2016 was a particularly rough year in terms of celebrity deaths. (Although I will admit I had to laugh when my daughter found a comment on Tumblr that said, “People are going to be unjustifiably surprised when celebrities continue to die in 2017.”) One of the losses I mourn the most is that of Garry Marshall, who directed Pretty Woman, my favorite movie of all time. Yes, I...
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About those resolutions…

Where do you stand on making New Year's resolutions? Do you set them each year and achieve at least part of them? Do you set them and never think about them again? Or do you not set them at all, knowing full well that the only one you can keep is to not set any? I personally fall somewhere in the middle: I have enough discipline to reach the big goals (like publishing a cookbook!) ... and yet s...
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Supper + Support | Spring 2017 series open for registration

supper + support
do you need a new cooking/eating + life style? Have you decided (or have you been told) that you need to change your cooking + eating style – eat more healthfully, eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, or some other food? Are there other lifestyle choices you want to make? Do you need support to make the shift/s happen? supper + support offers a group experience that includes: Health ...
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Health coaching…in a client’s words

If you've ever been curious about what it's like to work with a health coach, here's an awesome peek into a (star) client's side of the health coaching equation! I wasn't really sure what I signed up for when I agreed to join a health coaching pilot program. I had no idea what a health coach was, but I went in with an open mind expecting to learn more about healthy eating, portions, calories in /...
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Baby Steps

Baby steps
With me it's all er nuthin'. Is it all er nuthin' with you? ~Will in OKLAHOMA! Making New Year's Resolutions, particularly about our health, is a ritual many of us practice. And, it would seem, forgetting about them by mid-February or so is practiced just as frequently. Why do we have such a hard time with these annual goals? I think the secret lies in what sort of resolutions we set. I...
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Are you settling?

Are you in tune with your life's purpose - the big why of your presence on this planet at this particular time and place? Do you know what you are meant to do with this one precious life of yours? And more importantly, are you making each decision based on whether your choice helps or hinders living your life in alignment with that purpose? I often marvel that it took me almost 50 years to figu...
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Physical Activity: Find Your Why

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I work with my clients to understand that our Primary Foods® (career, relationships, physical activity, spiritual practice, etc.) are just as important to our health and well-being as our secondary food – the nourishment we put in our mouths. Considering physical activity a type of nourishment is often one of the easier stretches for clients – after all, ...
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Ready to invest in your health and happiness in 2015?

Investing in our health and happiness is NOT a luxury - it's a vital tool in reaching our best health and achieving our highest goals - really thriving instead of just surviving each day and finding time to fulfill our purpose on this planet. If you're feeling overwhelmed because you spend all your time caring for others or just managing to stay on top of your crazy schedule, you may feel that yo...
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Find Your Balance Webinar!

Simply: Health Coaching is going virtual: If you missed the in-person Find Your Balance workshop in September, here's your chance to experience it for FREE online from the comfort of your own home! How round is your circle? Do you have trouble finding time to do everything you want to do in your life or even in your day? Do you set goals for yourself that you don’t reach? Are you dreading mak...
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Find Your Balance workshop!

FIND YOUR BALANCE, or How round is your circle? Do you have trouble finding time to do everything you want to do in your life or even in your day? Do you set goals for yourself that you don’t reach? Do you just feel stuck? Whether you are a student, an overscheduled mom, a busy professional, or a retiree, balance and purpose are vital components of living a healthy, happy life! Join me for...
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