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Father’s Day

Mind. Blown.

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Time for a shout-out to all the guys: Happy Father's Day! Thank you to all the dads, dads-to-be, stepdads, grandfathers, foster fathers, AND all those who father and mentor us. Recently, in getting ready to issue an invitation to women, I went through the process of "segmenting" my email list—dividing it into different groups so that I can make my message relevant to each group. I was pleasa...
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Happy (early) Father’s Day!

A big shout-out to all the dads and all those who act as our dads: thanks for all you do! So why is it that for Mother's Day, we expect to pamper Mom but on Father's Day, Dad is expected to man the grill? In some families, it's one of the rare days that Dad cooks (although that is changing, thank goodness). In case you're shopping for a gift for Dad and don't want to give him more "stuff...
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