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How do you come to the kitchen?

As I mentioned last week, explaining what I do as a health coach can be difficult: while the profession is certainly growing, it's still an alien concept for many. I often like to explain my work using stories, which seem to make more sense than a lot of theory and explanation, so for the rest of this month, it's story time! The second story I tell is titled, "How do you come to the kitchen?...
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Laundry loads and mental (over)load

pixabay tea towels
A few weeks ago, I was tickled by a comic strip in The Guardian about "mental load." Yes, it's sexist, and it generalizes (a lot), and yet, based on the engagement a friend got for posting it on Facebook, it must have resonated with a lot of women. In defense of the artist, she does attempt to offer a solution toward the end. And it got me thinking: in this age of overwhelm, we all carry a h...
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Belly up to the [fill in the blank] bar

pixabay spinach
It's a gray early Sunday morning in Ann Arbor—even I sleep in most Sundays (sometimes even as late as 7am :) ), but today is my first 5K—nope, just walking—and that's a story for another day.... As spring slips away and summer comes into full swing, we're playing "the single parenting game" at my house—this happens annually for anywhere from 2–4 months at a time. You can read more about this in...
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Ask us anything | The recording

Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure of sharing an hour on the phone with Andrea Catherine Bachman of Grounded Here, LLC. We had a great conversation about who we are, how we came to our respective practices, and how our work shares many similarities - I hope you'll take the time to listen! You can listen to the recording here:
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15 Ways to Make Life Simple Again

“It’s complicated….” Just about everything feels complicated these days, … and there’s a great excuse for not taking action, which causes us even more (di)stress. How to make life simple The greatest gift we can give ourselves when we start to feel this paralysis is determine what we can exert some control over and what we have no control over – because stressing about the latter is t...
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Guest Post: Learning to Cook and Eat All Over Again

I'm delighted to welcome my first guest blogger - a high school friend who shares her recent (ongoing) experience with a drastic lifestyle/diet change. Love Kellie's can-do attitude - she gives way more than the 110% she gives herself credit for! By Kellie Peters Up until early December of 2014, I spent Sunday evenings preparing my work-week of breakfasts and lunches by simply counting out 5 lim...
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