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analysis paralysis

Life without roads

I recently had a conversation with some much younger friends who were talking about what they see as one of the problems their generation faces: too many choices. Yes, this might be what someone else sees as a #firstworldproblem, and yet it really can be an issue: when you want to buy a chair and 27 pages of options pop up in response to your online search, are you possibly missing out on the p...
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Driving Duke Ellington

pixabay highway
Every intersection in the road of life is an opportunity to make a decision. ~ Duke Ellington From driving to Ohio to driving in Southern California to driving to Vermont, a lot of hours have been logged in a car this month! We've gone from tiny two-lane back roads, beautiful for the surprise vistas that open up when you take a turn or top a hill, to huge superhighways, the only beauty of...
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