There’s a quiz for that

There’s an online “what’s your [fill in the blank] type” quiz for everything these days, and while I’m generally able to steer away from them—knowing that they can be a time waster and that they are a way for businesses to collect your email address and send you marketing emails.

And does it really help to confirm something you already know—or at least suspect—about yourself?

Recently, however, I came across two very fun ones—”fun” in the sense that they were really well executed, seem to “type” me very accurately (okay, scarily accurately), and provide some solid, practical suggestions about how to shift to a better place.

just for fun

The first one was created by my friend Janelle, a website designer extraordinaire—I like to call her a website coach because of her unique approach to creating “websites that align with you.” If you’re an entrepreneur with a website problem (or just an entrepreneur with a website), I think you’ll enjoy Which Website Personality Type Are You? And don’t be so quick to unsubscribe—Janelle’s emails always have a lot of great tips in them, whether you hire her or not!

In case you’re wondering: I’m an “Oooo! Ahhh!” website personality type: Janelle recommends that I get my website’s messaging and user experience on par with its beauty and attractiveness. A very fair assessment, I have to admit.

on a more serious note

The other quiz that sucked me in and was eerily accurate was the Female Stress Signatures quiz from Tia.

Stress is a hot topic in the medical community these days—if you really want to get lost on the interwebs, search “impact of stress on health”—and as I mentioned last week, WHO has now added burnout due to chronic stress at work to it’s diagnostic manual, which means that beginning in 2022, burnout will become a serious issue for HR departments everywhere.

Stress is a common topic in my conversations with clients, and here’s a tip: if I ask you how you handle stress, it’s a trick question, and “Just fine” is the wrong answer.

Why? Because if we work together, our goal will be to not manage chronic stress “just fine” but to figure out how to remove it from your life—or at least mitigate it.

In case you’re wondering: I’m a vigilant sprinter.

Yes—I’m still a work in progress, and I’ve made huge strides in this area over the past 10 years, proof that you can shift your “type.”

make the connection

Take the Female Stress Signatures quiz and either comment or send me an email about your results—and if you feel like you need some help with the suggested action steps, there’s a health coach for that!


  1. Janelle

    Liza, thank you for sharing the stress quiz with me! My Stress Signature is the Vigilant Sprinter and oh my GOSH does that make so much sense! Gotta love it when a quiz result really “hits the nail on the head”.

    And secondly, thank you so much for sharing my quiz! I’m glad you had fun taking it … I really wanted my quiz to be FUN above all else, so it makes me happy to hear that 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Baker

      Huh—we’re the same stress signature. No surprise there? 🙂

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