I am passionate about social justice, and I love to offer my services to those who cannot normally afford them.

why is this a social justice issue?

Health coaching is currently not covered by insurance (although occasionally it can be if it’s offered through a healthcare provider who bills an insurance company or a health savings account will reimburse for it).

In addition, health coaching is often perceived as a “high end” service, only accessible to those with a lot of disposable income.

Health coaching provides proactive, preventative health care as opposed to reactive disease care—something I believe should be accessible to all, regardless of income or ZIP code.

what can you do to help?

If you aren’t looking for health coaching for yourself but want to make a difference, please consider becoming a sponsor.

Because I am currently a for-profit business, you cannot receive a tax deduction for your contribution, but do know that your funding will make it possible for me to help someone else.

I identify those with genuine need as part of my initial free consultation and screening process.

You are welcome to designate an amount, and any amount is welcome. Some guidelines below—any difference between these suggestions and my actual fees are my contribution to the cause:

  • $300 = a one-hour workshop at an organization that serves women in need
  • $400 = one 12-month (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood membership to a woman who would benefit from it
  • $1,000 = 3 months of 1:1 health coaching for a woman in need OR 1 group health coaching scholarship OR 1 half-day retreat for up to 8 women

You may choose to make your contribution anonymously or be noted as a sponsor in any promotional materials created—please let me know by email what you prefer.

Thank you!