Highland cottage

Scotland, self care, soul care … and social justice

Highland cottageI’m “on holiday,” as the people of the UK would say—spending two weeks touring Scotland. Diana Gabaldon’s Jamie Fraser and Dougal MacKenzie might be involved—no sightings yet, but stay tuned.

For that reason, this week’s blog post is just a quick check-in and a link to an article on Rewire for which I was recently interviewed: it covers a lot of what I talk about with my clients, namely that self-care has become a buzzword that often imposes other people’s “shoulds” on what we do for ourselves.

I’ve taken to calling internally-directed self care “soul care” to distinguish it from the silver bullets we are constantly offered in the form of diets and detoxes, workouts and woo, supplements and smoothies and oils. There’s nothing wrong with them—and they may not be what we, as bio-individuals, require to be optimally healthy.

Highland sceneAnd the piece introduces what for me has been a sticking point since the beginning of my studies of Integrative Nutrition®: the issue of self care as a social justice issue.

I’ll be posting more about that in the future, but for now, I’m going to look out the train window and enjoy the Highlands of Scotland rolling by—let’s call it my version of soul care….