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Greatest hits | Absence makes the self care fonder

How is it possible that it’s been more than four years since I wrote this week’s flashback post, Absence makes the self care fonder?!?

I’m now measuring time in BDL and ADL (before and after drivers’ licenses), so it must be true because neither child had one yet when I wrote it. Definitely BDL.

I now have two rising Juniors—one in college, one in high school. Life continues to be busy in a good way—let’s euphemistically say, “Life is full.”

I still juggle a lot of balls and keep a lot of plates spinning.

I still stand by my tips in the old post for how to make it all work—although I would change the word self care to soul care throughout.

Nothing has changed … and yet everything has!

Because apparently, my husband is incapable of staying anywhere longer than 10 years, and two months at a time in China is not enough?

This July, he accepted a position at a university in Hong Kong, so much of my summer has been spent dealing with the logistics involved in becoming a family spread around the globe—you know, fun stuff like figuring out private insurance for those of us staying in the States, decluttering 30+ years of books (those academics…), updating retirement accounts and powers of attorney, revising the car insurance, yada yada yada.

Oh, and how did I not know that his car title was only in his name, so if it falls to me to sell it, we need to spend time at the Secretary of State’s office STAT. And you know THAT is always a good time!

Needless to say, that’s all you get from me this week—I’m off to the Secretary of State’s office!

Sorry, kids—bad cop is now officially in charge, and the trains will be running on time.

Enjoy the replay and let me know in the comments how to survive what really will be single parenting f’realz in many ways.


  1. Marine

    One day at a time, as you’ve survived everything to this point!

      1. Mary

        Sometimes it needs an hour at a time and lots of slow deep breaths.

        1. Elizabeth Baker

          ALWAYS a good reminder—thank you!

  2. Sarah

    Hi Liza, wow!! Love Hong Kong, as I’m sure you and your family do, but again- wow! Such a big change. Hugs to you as you navigate everything. I had to do the single parent thang (for different reasons) for a while and with the older kiddos it’s not so bad. 😉 I’d just say take time to look around you every so often and notice the little details. It’s fun and grounding. Best of luck to your hubby, and may he stay safe in this tumultuous time over there!

    1. Elizabeth Baker

      Yeah, wow, right? I consider it a blessing that the kids are semi-launched, for sure! And definitely happy to be staying stateside for now.

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