total silence

After years of blogging weekly, I woke up this morning with my mind completely blank. Total silence. Not even a recipe to share.

So this week’s post is simply an admission of that: I’ve got nothing, and maybe that’s important.

I’ve spent the past few weeks immersed in books, articles, podcasts, and social media and blog posts about racism, anti-racism, police abolition, and truly inclusive feminism. And while I have had discussions about these topics with family and friends (all White), I have tried to keep my voice out of public forums.

It’s time for White people to be quiet and listen, really listen—with intention and attention—to what Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color have to say … and for them to speak freely, without fear of retribution.

In fact, they’ve been speaking for centuries, and we have not been listening—or if we’ve listened, we haven’t heard.

We’ve been too busy formulating our defense—only to be dismayed that there really isn’t one. Or we’ve been reacting and acting in a manner that once again makes it all about us.

It’s time for us to respond rather than react, to educate ourselves and then to embody what we’ve learned.

We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason, the old saying goes. It’s so we can listen twice as much as we speak.

make the connection

If you are interested, here are the resources I’ve been tapping into:

If you are Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color, please share your thoughts on these resources and your further recommendations. If you’re White, please share resources you’ve found useful—and otherwise, please, please try to keep from making this about yourself.