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  • You’re an under-appreciated, under-listened to, under-taken-care-of, overworked, over-scheduled, and—frankly—OVER. IT. ALL. working wife and mother
  • You can’t seem to remember how much you love your family because right now, you are overwhelmed by how much they currently annoy you the crap out of you
  • EVERYTHING is a hassle or aggravation (get up, get people out the door with the right lunchbox and all the homework, get to work, home, carpool, errands, rinse, repeat), and you can’t even remember what it feels like to be happy or even just sane
  • Your body is throwing you one curve ball after another, none of the diets or workout regimens help, your sanity is dying a slow, painful death, and everything you handled just fine up until now is suddenly COMPLETELY and totally way too much to contemplate, much less handle
  • You find yourself pulled over by the side of the road having a panic attack because you just don’t want your life any more and you know you really shouldn’t be wondering what would happen if you just kept driving down the road


  • You are: head domestic engineer, principal chauffeur, animal control officer, homework and clean undie supervisor, chief cook and bottle washer (‘cause, really, what’s NOT your job?)
  • You feel like the walls are closing in on you and you can’t see a way out that doesn’t require a wad of cash, a plane ticket, and a change of identity
  • You’re done with hating your crazy, over-scheduled life and are ready to fall crazy in love with it



Find your S.A.N.I.T.Y.

I can help you get off the treadmill of wacky diets, insane workouts, time management apps, and silver bullets that never seem to quite fix the problem and into a place where you feel able to handle your overwhelming obligations and fall in love with your crazy life.

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I can’t wait to help you reclaim your sanity and love your crazy life!