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For Health Coaches

I love health coaching, and I love health coaches!

And what I love most about us as a group is our spirit of collaboration and willingness to share.

In that spirit, I offer the following opportunities to my fellow health coaches:

  • Have clients who want to learn to cook from scratch using whole foods and meal plan so that they can do it on a regular basis? If cooking and meal planning are not your skill set or primary area of interest, consider becoming an affiliate and promoting Fl!p Your K!tchen to your clients. In 2017, I will be creating a workbook and an online course to accompany the book. Email me me for details.
  • Interested in publishing a book? I’ve been there and done that and love to share about the experience. Watch is a video about my journey and get some tips for starting your own publishing process.
  • Need some coaching to publish a book? I’m happy to work with you to get that book out of your head and into your people’s hands! Offerings include:
    • FREE Discovery Session
    • 8 week WRITER package: a jumpstart for those starting the writing process
    • 6 month CREATOR package: coaching you through what happens between writing and doing book signings