Thanksgiving 101 e-book


How does it feel to think about cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner—does the mere mention of it terrify you?

What are your biggest worries about it—the sheer amount of time involved? the potential for major cooking disasters? figuring out how to get everything to be done at the same time, especially since that darn bird takes up the oven for hours?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your mom and grandma in the kitchen to walk you through everything? Or better yet, a trained chef who really knew what she was doing and could still make it simple and understandable?

welcome to thanksgiving 101!

In this e-book, you’ll find a soup-to-nuts menu—recipes for simple and delicious dishes for your Thanksgiving table, all cooked from scratch using whole food ingredients.

  • The entire menu serves 8–12, and lots of gluten- and dairy-free and vegan options are included, so just about everyone can make a complete meal from the buffet without a lot of extra planning and cooking on your part.
  • I provide a complete grocery list for you.
  • The strategy section helps you plan out the entire week leading up to Thanksgiving. Many of the dishes can be prepared ahead ahead of time, so you can get the entire meal on the table on time and with a minimum of stress.
  • An added bonus: you’ll learn some basic recipes and techniques that you can use all year round!

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