Fl!p Your K!tchen e-book


Fl!p Your K!tchen is sold out in “real book” format—consider purchasing the e-book!

Cookbook, cooking class, and time stewardship tool all in one, Fl!p Your K!tchen creates a system by which you can easily put three made completely from scratch meals a day on your table and in your lunchbox.

  • Discover how to establish and cook from a whole foods pantry…and why you should be doing so.
  • Find a wealth of information on how to shop for the best ingredients on a budget.
  • Acquire a few time saving skills that will help you create and execute a plan for 21 meals a week, even if you work (more than) full time and/or hate to cook.
  • Learn the why as well as the how of everyday cooking techniques and gain the confidence to begin experimenting in the kitchen instead of being bound by recipes.
  • Access 150+ simple recipes, most of which have variations to help you use what’s in season and in your pantry – save time and trips to the store.
  • Gluten free and dairy free options noted for those with dietary restrictions.

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