virtual workshops | individual subscription

Your annual membership grants you access to 20 virtual workshops at a reduced price. Replays are provided if you can’t attend live.


Your annual membership includes:

  • Virtual access to all 10 Fl!p Your K!tchen® sessions and all 10 Mid-week Wellness Workshops in 2023
    • Fl!p Your K!tchen® sessions take place from 10am–12pm ET on the first Sunday of each month (we take August + September off). Learn how to meal plan and prep for the week—and develop a home cooking practice that will allow you to cook from scratch on a regular basis without spending your life in the kitchen!
    • Mid-week Wellness Workshops take place from 9am–10am ET on the first Wednesday of each month (we take August + September off). In these interactive workshops, we take on a wide range of Integrative Nutrition® topics, from the best way to eat to better sleep hygiene, from meal planning to whole-life detox.
  • A PDF copy of the Flip Your K!tchen® cookbook + workbook combination pack
  • Can’t make it to the workshops? You’ll get the replay plus all the resources following the event.

Didn’t get the membership in time for the new year? You’ll still receive all the replays starting with January 2023.

After you purchase, you will be added to my email list and will automatically receive the Zoom links and related resources ahead of each event date. Make sure to add to your safe senders list!

FL!P YOUR K!TCHEN® sessions calendar

  • January: grains + greens
  • February: braises + basic vegetable preparations
  • March: sauces + pickles
  • April: fish + seafood cookery
  • May: basic egg cookery
  • June: grilled foods
  • July: salads of every stripe
  • August (time off for good behavior)
  • September (time off for good behavior)
  • October: knife skills 101
  • November: stocks + fall veggies
  • December: soups + dried beans

mid-week wellness workshops calendar

  • January: What’s the best way to eat?
  • February: Kale + kryptonite
  • March: Goals + intentions
  • April: Constant cravings
  • May: Elimination diets
  • June: Sweet dreams
  • July: Distress/De-stress
  • August (time off for good behavior)
  • September (time off for good behavior)
  • October: Meal Planning Made Simple™
  • November: Uplevel with SOLE foods
  • December: Grocery shopping + label reading 101


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