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nonprofitYou’re passionate about your work in the nonprofit sector: it’s a career that not only feeds your soul and pays your bills—it also effects positive change in the world.

And while you’re doing good, are you also doing well?

Mission-driven work can be all-consuming, and that can take a toll on you, your employees, and ultimately your organization. (Learn more about burnout in the nonprofit sector in Stop running on tired.)

welcome to EAT™

your way to a healthy nonprofit

EAT™ is an innovative new wellness program created specifically for nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations by health coach and 15-year veteran of the nonprofit world Liza Baker.

EAT™ provides a host of health benefits at every level of your organization—from your executive team to your employees to your clients and key stakeholders.

  • Individual benefit. Re/connect with your highest, healthiest self and reach your holistic health goals.
  • Interpersonal benefit. Deepen the effectiveness of your work relationships and attract and retain a team that works together smoothly to fulfill your mission and vision.
  • Impact benefit. Exponentially increase your efficacy in your community—and for the greater world.

principles + processes

EAT™ is based on three principles that we apply to individual health and happiness, interpersonal relationships and dynamics, and long-term organizational sustainability.


it’s the food + it’s more than the food.

There are two types of nourishment: the secondary food we put in our mouths and primary foods—everything else that nourishes us … or doesn’t. Understanding the relationship between them is essential.


it’s an inside job.

Our values, goals, relationships, community, and work in the world are all expressions of our internal landscape.


it’s about micro-evolution.

Who are you now, and who do you want to be? This is where habits and identity meet.


EAT™ is a wellness plan tailored to your nonprofit: we create and implement the plan based on your needs, the needs of your team, and those of your organization.

EAT™ is a hearty plateful that takes your organization beyond outdated strategies and helps you to achieve integrated, long-term health and sustainability—for you, your team, and your organization.

  • 1:1 initial strategy session for each participant
  • In-person ½ day kickoff for the team
  • In-person quarterly ½ day interactive workshops covering a range of health topics
  • Monthly group coaching call
  • Monthly Q+A with an expert selected to address your team’s current needs
  • Weekly 1:1 call or in-person health coaching session
  • Weekly online content + engagement on a private online portal set up for your organization
  • Daily 1:1 accountability check-ins

feed your bottom line

What nonprofit has room in the budget for a wellness plan? Yours can.

EAT™ can bring health coaching to your organization without adding expenses to your operating budget.

I put my grant writing and fundraising skills to work with you to secure the funding necessary to help you create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, team, and organization.

ready to EAT™?

Reserve a place at my table: email liza@simply-healthcoaching.com or call 310-892-9485.

Want a place at the table but aren’t a nonprofit or other mission-driven organization? I also work with for-profit corporations!