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Integrative Nutrition® health coaching

Integrative Nutrition® health coaching

First, let’s talk about YOU.

what happened to your dream?

  • Is your health suffering, but nobody can pinpoint the cause? Have you gotten some less-than-ideal numbers from your doctor? Are you feeling some aches and pains? Always exhausted? Blue? Moody? Grumpy?
  • Do you spend your time taking care of everybody else’s needs? Have your own needs been shelved until…?
  • Are you living the life you dreamed would be yours, or does it feel like life got in the way? Do others think you’re living the dream, but you feel like you’re living a big, fat lie?

here’s your do-over!

  • Get healthy. Improve your numbers, lose the aches and pains, feel rested and more emotionally stable.
  • Show up for you. Have time to take care of your own needs.
  • Live the dream. Get back in touch with your dream … or dream a new one!

what is a health coach?

For a general understanding of what a health coach does and how to find one that’s a fit for you, read my interview with Jen Mueller of SparkPeople.com.

why work with me?


I’ve been where you are: overscheduled, overtired, overwhelmed. Trying to take care of everyone and forgetting to take care of me. Feeling like everyone commented on my wonderful life…and like I was living a lie. Thinking that I might just be going crazy.

I understand.


I’ve been there and back…and have moved beyond feeling like I was barely surviving each day to thriving in a life that I love. And along the way, I have accumulated a few decades worth of knowledge and resources that can help you get there, too.

I can help.


I love seeing my clients experience their own Aha! moments, see their lives in a new light, reach their rediscovered dreams or create new ones, and reclaim their health and themselves in the process.

I’m your biggest cheerleader…until you step into that role yourself.

want to know more?

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I help you discover how all facets of your life are connected, how your food and lifestyle choices nourish you (or not). Deep down, you know what to do—I help you listen to that still, small voice you’ve maybe been ignoring.

We’ll explore your dietary choices—not by focusing on calorie counting or complex calculations of carbs, fats, and proteins and not by creating lists of restrictions or classifying foods as “good” and “bad.” Instead, I coach you to determine what food choices work best for you and are sustainable in your given situation.

And perhaps more importantly, we’ll take a look at what nourishes you in addition to food: how are your lifestyle choices feeding your life, and how are they toxifying it?

We’ll create a personalized roadmap to your dream life, a plan that will get you there by taking such small steps that you’ll develop sustainable, new, healthy habits almost without even realizing it.

We can connect in person or virtually via phone or Skype—whatever makes you most comfortable.

my program is NOT for you if…

  • you think health and happiness are found in extreme diets and detoxes, pills and painful workouts, smoothies and silver bullets.
  • you are looking for a quick, temporary fix for your health issues.
  • you are not completely committed to making lasting changes that will help you thrive.
  • you’d rather keep living in a way that focuses only on others and puts aside your own dreams.

my coaching program is for you if…

  • you are ready to give your health and happiness the attention they deserve.
  • you are fully committed to making changes but just can’t seem to do it on your own.
  • you are sick of barely surviving and want to really thrive.
  • you are tired of living a lie and want to live the dream—your dream.

your investment in yourself

  • $250/month, choose between 3- and 6-month packages (That’s probably less than most people spend on coffee + lunch out on a given day … with much healthier results!)
  • 10% off if you pay upfront for 6 sessions ($675 total)
  • 20% off if you pay upfront for 12 sessions ($1,200 total)

still have questions?

Contact me – I’d love to answer them!

ready to get started?

Sign up to tell me YOURstory at a free initial consultation. It’s like HIStory, but yours.