a season of incredible plenty

It’s bound to happen in the fall, the season of plenty: an adult version of elementary school lunch plays out in the land of the CSA pickup.

The boxes are loaded with fall produce, and I’m the recipient of not one but three offers to trade—all of them involving the much-maligned okra.

“You like okra? Please take mine—I can’t stand it! Blecchhh!”

“Well, what can I give you in exchange for it?”

“Nothing, just please, please make it go away.”

Don’t like okra? Think it’s slimy?

Did you know that okra is incredibly healthy? In addition to lots of nutrients, including a whopping dose of fiber, the very thing that turns many people off from it—the slime factor—is considered healing for the gut (unless you have a sensitivity to nightshades).

Still not convinced? Ah, but you haven’t had it cooked properly. What if I told you that my kids actually fought over okra at the dinner table? They’re a bit more civilized about it now, but they still keep a close eye on portioning.

If the goo turns you off, avoid it in soups and stews, and try it stirfried or sautéed—and make sure you’re using fresh okra in season!

I offer you two recipes:

a season of plenty

In this chaotic time of pandemic, political division, protests, and upheaval, there’s something very comforting about getting a box loaded with a rainbow of vegetables: for me, it’s evidence that life goes on—and that we can nourish ourselves at the secondary food level in a way that will help us be as healthy as possible.

And I’ve noticed an uptick in not only people’s interest in their physical health but in their desire to get more holistically healthy in the face of what a professor of my daughter’s termed “these times of plague and chaos.”

After months of isolating and fearing the worst, I think we are starting to recognize that life must go on—in a way that doesn’t necessarily (or necessarily doesn’t?) resemble the past.

It’s a great time to be a health coach, in other words!

And the best part about being a health coach is that I can offer my services in a wide variety of ways and at price points that everyone can take advantage of!

plenty of programming

If you’re serious about getting healthy, here’s a menu of plenty of offerings this fall from Simply: Health Coaching and some of my collaborators:

  • ACT NOW: SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE! The long-postponed launch of EAT™, my coaching program for women 40+ who are headed into or already suffering burnout, is being made possible by a generous grant from the Michigan Small Business Restart Program. Part of the funds will be used to make the program financially feasible for those who demonstrate need and agree to participate in the evaluation. Look for details coming soon—in the meantime, you can download the flyer and contact me by email to get on the interest list. Please share this information with anyone you know who could benefit! Registration ends October 9, program begins October 12.
  • Join the Foundations of Wellness for Women team for biweekly Zoom conversations and stay tuned for details about an upcoming virtual retreat. Get on that email list to keep informed about upcoming events.
  • In October, join Ayurvedic practitioner Meena Puri and me for a 3-part virtual program called Healing Your Relationship with Food.
  • And of course, there are lots of others ways to connect with me, from following my blog and podcast to joining my online membership site to participating in my free virtual workshops continue—you can see all the current offerings on the community page.

make the connection

Life’s a feast whether we’re talking secondary or primary foods—take advantage of autumn’s abundant offerings by signing up for at least one of the offerings above!