pandemic update: plans for the second autumn

Most Covid-19 pandemic restrictions were lifted in Michigan on July 1, and it seems like a lot of people have taken this as a sign that the pandemic—or perhaps the worst of it—is over.

There are, of course, many indications that it’s far from over and that we should expect a resurgence in the fall as we all start spending more time indoors in close proximity to other people, some of them vaccinated, some of them not.

It’s been fascinating to watch how big a role bio-individuality is playing in our re-emergence—perhaps in part because nobody seems quite sure when and how we will really know it’s over.

Even within my family, some individuals are traveling around the country and internationally, and some are staying put; some are eating out again, and some are still sticking with takeout; some are gathering indoors with people outside “the pod” and others are not.

Some of the stores I frequent still require masks and some don’t, and in the stores that don’t, some people are still masked while others are not.

Do we dare hope that because of the pandemic, there will be an increased tolerance for other expressions of bio-individuality: in matters of creative expression, fashion choices, food and lifestyle choices—maybe even politics or religion?

Okay, that might be asking too much!

And there does seem to be a new wave of optimism in the air (sometimes smacking of desperation)—even some tentative plans being made for events that are more than 24 hours in the future.

on the home front

If the pandemic doesn’t flare too badly this fall, I’ll be experiencing an empty nest for the first time—I had a few tastes of it this summer, and those episodes just lasted a week at the most.

Our big house feels incredibly empty when it’s just me and Kermit the Dog here (sorry, Kerm, you’re a great snuggler—and while your conversational skills are considerably better than most dogs I know, they’re still not up to human standards).

And it also feels more spacious—dare I say cleaner and less cluttered? I definitely dare. Everything feels simpler, from cooking meals to shopping to daily routines. (Yes, I have control issues, why do you ask?)

So I’m planning to enjoy this space and simplicity once everyone is safely in their new location. And yes—my husband will be back from Hong Kong briefly to make that moving process less crazy-making.

And perhaps for the first time since I went full time in my business, I’m planning to take two weeks “completely” off in August—I’ll still be meeting with my 1:1 clients and holding them accountable for their actions and activities, but I’m trying to not do anything else business-related during that time.

on the business side

The pandemic has wrought some big changes in my practice—all for the better. Perhaps one of the best outcomes of the pandemic has been a renewed interest in personal health on the part of individuals and of organizations on behalf of their employees.

In other words, it’s a good time to be a health coach, and while we’re only part way through July, which has traditionally been a “dead” month for my practice, it has been my best month ever in seven years of being in business.

What’s coming up this fall?

I will continue to conduct most of my business online, from 1:1 and group coaching to workshops, although I recently did my first in-person corporate workshop in more than 18 months and have another one scheduled for August.

I love the freedom of being able to work from anywhere—and I’m resisting the urge to use trendy words such as “location independent” and “geoflexible” because to me, they conjure up images of skinny young women in bikinis posting selfies poolside as they write about how their pyramid scheme business allows them to make millions by the water. (Or as a friend of mine snarks, “This is me on the beach with a peacock feather in my butt!”)

on the menu this fall

  • The next cohort of EAT™—my group program for women burning out in mission-driven work—launches September 27. Lots of details in the weeks to come whether you want to join the group or help fund scholarships for women who would not otherwise be able to afford it.
  • If you struggle with emotional eating, the next cohort of the Stewarding Emotional Eating program will launch in early November—because getting through the holidays is especially tough!
  • I have openings for four new 1:1 clients beginning in September—if you’d like to claim a spot, schedule a free YOURstory session and let’s see whether we’re a good fit.
  • I’m currently scheduling wellness workshops for September–December, so if you have a group that’s interested, schedule a time to chat.
  • The Foundations of Wellness for Women collaborative is one year old! Join us for an event every month as we take on a topic about women’s holistic health: the first month of each quarter, we hold a virtual retreat; the second and third months, we offer an hour-long conversation on Zoom. August’s conversation is about the basics of meditation, and in September, I’ll be leading you through a virtual pantry makeover! You can always see what’s coming up on our Facebook page and on my community page.
  • And under consideration (depending on what the pandemic does next): in-person retreats! (Speaking of bio-individuality, I was somewhat amused by the feedback I got on what women in my Facebook group dreamed of doing when they could attend an in-person retreat again: it ranged from “lots of conversations, music, and dancing” to “I just want to go somewhere without any of my family and sleep and have someone cook for me.” I doubt I can satisfy everyone with just one retreat, so perhaps a variety of them to come—rated on a scale of the level of introversion/extroversion required?)

make the connection

Whatever the pandemic does next, there are lots of opportunities to re/claim your health and boost your energy and your immune system for the colder weather to come: I invite you to take advantage of one or more of my offerings this fall!

[Photo by Designecologist from Pexels]