On the edge of getting it right

I have an 11-year-old son and a husband, so (if you’ll forgive a generalization) I watch a fair number of action movies. Okay, full disclosure: I kind of like them, too, and we’ve found that if there is a decent plot and a handsome male lead, even our 15-year-old daughter will watch them. Hey, as the teenager says, don’t judge – it’s not easy to find a movie that suits everyone’s taste!

Last night, we watched Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow – and while the finer points of the science fiction plot escaped me, I found the premise interesting: Cruise’s character must die and come back to relive the same day over and over until he “gets it right” and saves the world.


Initially, it was like playing a video game: the first time, you only get so far before you die; the next time, you get a bit further; you learn a few tricks, a few hacks, and you eventually get further and further. It’s sort of a gorier, computer-generated, action version of the old Bill Murray classic, Groundhog Day.

This got me thinking – how many of us feel this time loop in our own lives? Even my daughter has complained that every time her alarm goes off on a school day, she thinks, “Wait, I just did this…,” and she’s only a sophomore in high school! And she just started her first job – how long will it take for that feeling to kick in there?

Groundhog Day poster

It’s a rare person who doesn’t feel stuck in some way, so how can we finally “get it right” and stop the tape loop from replaying? It really is all about learning from our experiences, figuring out the tricks and hacks, and just getting a bit further every day.

As we head into the holiday season and hurtle toward a new year, now is the time to assess where we are and how far we’ve come and – perhaps most importantly – where we want to be at this time next year: stuck in an infinite loop or reaching some long-cherished goals?

Are you on the edge of “getting it right?”

If you’re interested in exploring what you can do in your own life to get unstuck, whether you struggle with your diet or your “Primary Foods” – career, relationships, physical activity, spiritual practice – consider working with a health coach. I’d love to help you reach your goals in 2015!

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© Institute for Integrative Nutrition | Used with permission
© Institute for Integrative Nutrition | Used with permission

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