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Meet Melea Alexander

I’ve been intrigued by Traditional Chinese Medicine ever since college, when I was a Chinese major (yup, that really was my first field of study!), and I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture. After meeting Melea Alexander and hearing her speak about her work, I just knew it was going to finally happen! Here are some highlights of our hour-long Q+A from the (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood.

Check it out, then leave me a comment with your biggest aha! moment. (You can also email me your comment to keep it confidential.)

My only comment after finally trying acupuncture: “What is this dark magic—and why did I wait so long to try it?!?”

The last 2 highlight reels are available if you missed them (Tania Elfersy and Heather Glidden), and we’ll have 1 more this month! If you’re watching during the month of June 2019, don’t forget to join our month-long anniversary celebration and win fabulous prizes!