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Meet Heather Glidden of Joy | Freedom in Motion

I visited Heather and Darlene’s studio, Joy | Freedom in Motion, for a presentation on Gyrotonic one evening a few years ago and was inspired. Heather is a wealth of knowledge on the topic of movement and pelvic floor health, and I’m so grateful she agreed to do a Q+A in the (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood Clubhouse! Here are some highlights from our longer interview.

Check it out, then leave me a comment with your biggest aha! moment. Last week’s highlight reel is available if you missed it, and we’ll have 2 more this month! (You can also email me your comment to keep it confidential.) If you’re watching during the month of June 2019, don’t forget to join our month-long anniversary celebration and win fabulous prizes!


  1. Audrey Acton

    I love her getting out the bones themselves! What a great visual of the way our pelvic works as we move. I have read about the tonality problem for pelvic floor, good stuff. And feeling good in your body is a huge key! She was great.

    1. Elizabeth Baker

      Yes—we had a good laugh about the visual aids….

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