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Meet Diane Babalas

Diane Babalas practices something called Biogeometric integration—like acupuncture, another “dark magic” that will make you wonder how it really works … and it does!

Check it out, then leave me a comment with your biggest aha! moment. (You can also email me your comment to keep it confidential.)

The last 3 highlight reels are available if you missed them: meet Tania Elfersy, Heather Glidden, and Melea Alexander!

If you’re watching during the month of June 2019, don’t forget to join our month-long anniversary celebration and win fabulous prizes!

And don’t forget, the last Q+A of our celebration is coming up Tuesday, June 25—and will feature a “fl!p the camera” session with me! I’ll be answering questions about women’s health after 40 and my work in that area. Join us!


    1. Elizabeth Baker

      Her work is fascinating, Mary—I could totally see you practicing this, too….

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