Greatest hits | Happy Labor Day, Happy Birth-day

How is it possible that it’s the last weekend of summer?!?

This week’s greatest hit, Happy Labor Day, Happy Birth-day, comes from two years ago, when my daughter first went away to college, and as someone who has lived around academics (and been one, briefly), I’m reminded how the beginning of September has always felt like more of a new year than the arbitrary-seeming January 1.

This year, the end of summer is especially poignant as my husband takes a job in Hong Kong and the kids and I are staying in the States. The house has been in an uproar with packing, shipping, and a massive decluttering (imposed by me, of course).

And as the literal and figurative dust is settling, September feels even more like a new beginning.

new year, new life

Not gonna lie—I’m intrigued by the opportunity to re/claim some of the spaces in the house for me alone. That front office always felt like it would make a great yoga studio….

And figuring out what to do with the brain space that is likewise being freed up is fun.

I may be fooling myself—being the COO of a family spread across the globe may turn out to be way more work than all being stateside, but I’m willing to try it out!

Yes, women still bear the majority of the mental load of running a household, so reducing a household by not just one college-bound student but one adult feels huge.

what’s new and good this fall?

in-person workshops

First of all, I have brand-new kitchen counters—and I’m putting them to use by offering 3 workshops, one a month in September, October, and November. We’ll start with a pop-up yoga class (for all levels, even/especially beginners!) led by a different yogi each month—turns out I know a LOT of yoga teachers. Then we’ll move on to creating a mindful, healthful meal together (again, you needn’t have iron chef chops for this) that we’ll share while we dig into a health coaching topic.

See how I’m putting my “new” space to use?

Each month’s meal and topic will be different, and you can attend one, two, or all three sessions—they’re not cumulative.

“dolphin tank”

And secondly, I’m deeply honored to have been chosen a finalist in the Michigan Women Forward Woman Up & Pitch competition, which happens in November.

Wow, is this going to be a stretch for me—writing a business plan and giving a competitive speech are two things that have terrified me for years!Up

Stay tuned for details—and if you live in Southeast Michigan, please come to the pitch competition and support not just me but all the other women involved in producing and pitching at the event: there’s an audience vote, and you can be counted!

Dolphin Tank—it’s a kinder, gentler Shark Tank because women love to support other women.

I’ll be revealing more about my participation in that in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year—I’ll be back next week with all-new content!