#healthcoachvacation 2019

Once again, our family’s Spring Breaks didn’t align this year—and we did manage to have some fun anyway!

After last year’s epic fishing adventure, my son and I decided to leave the dog home with Dad—they had their own adventure, by all accounts—and flew to Arizona to visit dear friends/former neighbors there. We absolutely wallowed in good company and delicious food (homemade pasta! European cream cakes! Argentinian grilled meats!)

We also drove to Joshua Tree National Park to see my BFF from our LA days (she’s 100% healthy and doing amazing things, now!) and check out the hiking there, which also allowed us to stay at our first domestic Airbnb—I’d only stayed in a number of them in the UK last summer. (Two thumbs way up for Joshua Tree’s Copper Cabin!)

This week’s learnings: life’s all about human connections that endure, the desert does bloom, no pool is ever too cold, and one can always find water—and aquariums—even in a desert.

No long post this week—just a peek into our vacation!


  1. Light Blazer

    So many metaphors entwined in your take aways. Thank goodness for the oasis in the middle of dry expanses, keeps one thriving!

    1. Elizabeth Baker

      Well, we *were* with N, who can find water anywhere….

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