Happy New (School) Year | What’s new + good?

I’ve always felt that September is, in an odd way, the start of a new year, and so it was nice to hear this confirmed by Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365. She identifies three “new years” in a twelve-month cycle: the start of the calendar year, the start of summer, and the start of the school year.

The start of the school year has always been one of my favorite times of the year, not only because where I grew up (Vermont), is fantastically brilliant with fall foliage at the same time. Maybe because I geek out over school supplies? Oh yeah, I could spend a whole lotta money on school supplies….

This year, the start of the school year finds me with two freshmen: one in college and one in high school (how did THAT happen?!?)—and while it saddens me a little that they never overlapped in high school, it’s been good for both kids to have a “big new” at the same time.

I got a lot of comments on the word “adulting” in last week’s blog post, and I’m wondering if what my son is doing is therefore called “adolescenting?” “teening?” In any case, everyone’s performing splendidly in their new “job.”

On the other hand, I’m having to adjust to swimming in a pool that used to be a bit more balanced between X and Y chromosomes—not sure I’m handling that quite as well. Stay tuned for updates….

This was the first year in…forever?… that I took a real vacation—almost 3 weeks! It was lovely to visit Vermont, spend time with my parents, and reconnect with high school friends. There were many strolls down memory/amnesia lane, a LOT of laughter, and quite a bit of “wicked awesome” 80s and 90s music!

And now it’s back to business, so I wanted to share what’s new and good at Simply: Health Coaching for the fall.

  • My new online group program starts the last week of September. If you’re a working wife and mother committed to putting your schedule on a diet, email me for details, and let’s do this! The program is:
    • short—6 weeks from start to finish
    • simple—it will not demand a lot of your time (because who’s got that?)
    • conducted by phone and online—available to working women everywhere with no commute time to add in
    • deeply transformational—your chance to get this overwhelming working wife and mother thing sorted once and for all: you’ll end the program with the ability to not only handle your myriad obligations to others but also to honor your personal goals.
  • If one of your New (School) Year’s resolutions is to start cooking from scratch on a regular basis, you can sign up for Meal Planning Made Simple, the online course that accompanies Fl!p Your K!tchen. Back-to-school special: use coupon code “meal25” for $5 off the course.
  • I’ll be “tabling” at Koncenter Coaching’s Grow Your Business forum on September 23rd. If you’re an entrepreneur in the Detroit area, I urge you to attend—it’s an opportunity to learn skills that will help you not only enjoy business but also enjoy life—something we entrepreneurs often have trouble balancing.
  • I’m honored and excited be presenting a Fl!p Your K!tchen workshop at Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest in Wellness® on October 20th! The event is open to the public: details and registration at http://101bestandbrightest.com/events/michigans-2017-best-brightest-wellness/

I have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with resolutions (you can search my blog for some ruminations on the subject), and yet it feels right to set some at each new beginning. We’ll do a deeper dive into goal setting next week, but in the meantime, I’d love to know: What are your resolutions as we start the New (School) Year? You can drop yours in the comments below or email them to me.