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Happy 2020!

I’m on vacation this week, trying to practice what I preach and keep boundaries around my family time, so no musings for you this week!

Instead, just a quick reminder from the department of shameless self-promotion to join me for a FREE kitchen coaching series in January 2020!

live in the Ann Arbor area?

If you live in the Ann Arbor area and one of your goals for the new year is to finally get your kitchen and your eating sorted, join me for a new collaboration with Sweetwaters Coffee + Tea inside the Meijer at Ann Arbor Saline Road. Kristen Jackson and her crew not only offer some delicious refreshments there—they are very intentionally building community by hosting a variety of events.

At noon every Sunday in January 2020, we’ll be offering a workshop, a grocery store tour, and a Q+A followed by open “office hours” at 1pm—curious about your own situation and/or about how a health coach can help? Drop in and see me!

The workshop themes are as follows:

  • January 5 | What’s the best way to eat? (It’s a trick question)
  • January 12 | Label Reading 101
  • January 19 | Going (more) plant-based
  • January 26 | Thriving Without Certain Foods (gluten, dairy, sugar…)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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not local?

Don’t live in the area and still want to discuss some of these and/or other integrative health-related topics? Let’s hop on a phone or video call! You can fill in a contact form or schedule a FREE YOURstory consultation.

See you in 2020!