pixabay fishing

Gone fishin’ … and a request for the fall!

You may or may not know that in my “other life,” I contract for an amazing nonprofit called Fair Food Network—our healthy food incentive program, Double Up Food Bucks, is now available in various forms in 21 states, including statewide in Michigan.

It’s an honor to work with this team of people…and it’s also a LOT of work!

From 2009 up until now, vacations have usually included checking in daily on email and putting out the occasional, er, frequent fire from afar. Last Christmas, I was up way past my bedtime submitting a last-minute grant proposal from a hotel in DC.

But this year, with an amazing new colleague on board in the Development Department (yup, we have departments now), I’m actually ON VACATION.

pixabay fishingI’m not checking email daily, not calling in to meetings, not submitting grant proposals or reports. And it feels amazing!

I’m not actually fishing, but if you know anything about my son, you’ll understand why I had to say “gone fishin'” instead of “I’m on vacation!”

Vacations—both quantity and quality of downtime—are a vital primary food, one I quiz people about in what I call “Kale or Kryptonite, the speed round” in my consultations.

I’m also doing the bare minimum in my coaching practice these two weeks, so today’s blog is going to be short and sweet—it’s actually a request for the fall.

As a health coach, my passion is helping overwhelmed working wives and mothers to reclaim their health (and their sanity!) so they can live some of their own dreams while still honoring their many obligations.

I am in the process of converting my signature 1:1 program into a group format and am looking for 4–6 women to participate in a “test run.”

If you know any overwhelmed working wives and mothers (ha, yes, I know—not exactly an endangered species, right?) please pass this opportunity on to them!

The program is designed to “put your schedule on a diet” so that you can then make time to set and reach your personal health goals. Because we are all busy, it’s short (6 weeks) and requires a minimum amount of time per week yet creates a major transformation. It’s all virtual/by phone, so no commute time is added, and you can participate from anywhere!

Interested? Know someone else who might be?

Email me at liza@simply-healthcoaching.com for details.

And thank you.