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Woohooo – my Fl!p Your K!tchen cookbook will be published in time for the Holidays 2016! Why am I telling you this a year in advance? Because there’s something you can do for the Holidays 2015 as well!

The book not only provides simple recipes for home-cooked meals from whole, healthful ingredients – it also introduces my Fl!p Your K!tchen™ system, which teaches you how to create 21 meals a week completely from scratch without spending your life in the kitchen.

WEBLizaBakerCookingDemo-65832I know the system works: I put 21 made-from-scratch meals on the table every week, and my book will teach you how you can (and why you might want to) successfully do the same.

There is a catch, though: in order to self-publish the book, I am raising money to pay for the publishing process, including some beautiful photographs because – let’s be real – what’s a cookbook without a little food porn?

So at this time, I’d like to invite you to go on this publishing journey with me!

From January – October of 2016, I am offering a virtual subscription to the material in the book. Every month, you’ll get content about flipping your kitchen, 2-4 simple recipes to try, and a variety of opportunities to ask me questions and get support on your journey. For those who are interested, I will also be offering a chance to connect with other subscribers – we’ll visit each other’s virtual kitchens and cheer each other on!

This subscription makes a great gift – whether you’re giving it to someone you know would appreciate it or putting it on your wish list!

WEBLizaBakerCookingDemo-65687By the end of the 10 months, you will have flipped your kitchen and mastered a lot of simple recipes that you will feel confident about tweaking to provide variety to your meals, whether you cook for one or many, whether you’re an omnivore or adhere to certain dietary restrictions.

Your graduation gift is a signed copy of the book with your name in it as a supporter of the project, and you will receive a discount on any copies you purchase for family and friends.

If you are interested in being part of the project, please subscribe today – subscription starts January 1, 2016. To get a gift subscription for a friend, email me!

Let’s get cooking!


PS – The beautiful pictures in this post are done by the awesome team at
FYT Productions!