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foundations of wellness for women 2022

Foundations of Wellness for Women was born in August of 2020, when I was invited by Dr. Suman Tewari to join her and Jen Sprague in forming a new collaborative to provide health and wellness programming for women. Suman is a holistic gynecologist, and Jen is a fellow health coach—and also Kermit the Dog’s favorite auntie.

At Foundations of Wellness for Women, we envision a world in which we women live into our full potential by connecting with our bodies and inner wisdom and take a leading role in creating a more conscious, equitable, and loving world through love, honor, acceptance, and respect—for ourselves and others.

Our mission is to provide workshops and retreats on a wide variety of topics related to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We also make it a point to feature the wisdom and  work of our many colleagues in healthcare practices—from the conventional to the deeply alternative.

We started out giving two free workshops per month through the fall of 2020. And in 2021, we shifted to a paid model that includes one retreat and two workshops per quarter. (By the way, as an aside from the department of shameless self-promotion, you can purchase replays of all our events in our store.)

In 2022, we will continue with this model. Since we’ve just fleshed out our calendar for the year, I want to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming events, so mark your calendar!

I’ve provided the general topic and the name of our guest facilitators—stay tuned for sexy titles and more details!

four foundations of wellness for women retreats

All retreats take place on one Saturday per quarter on Zoom from 9am–12pm ET. I know, I know—MORE time on Zoom? It’s okay—we add in lots of breaks and movement, and I promise you, time will fly.

seven foundations of wellness for women conversations

These bite-sized participatory workshops take place on Zoom from 12–1pm ET. Most are on the first Friday of the month with a few exceptions for holiday weekends.

So bring your lunch and get ready to learn by participating in the action.

one birthday party

  • Friday, September 9 | Don’t miss FWW’s second birthday party! We had a blast at the first one in 2021 and gave away a lot of prizes and a virtual goodie bag.

and one new program for women!

In the follow-up for each event, we ask participants what other topics they’d like to see covered. And perhaps inevitably, weight loss comes up fairly regularly, so we’re taking it on by popular demand.

The November and December 2021 conversations will both touch on weight loss and will feature the Foundations of Wellness for Women team of Suman, Jen, and myself speaking about how to “Light up and lighten up for the holidays” and “Stop eating your emotions!”

You can find details and registration links here.

And starting in April 2021, we’ll be offering an all-new eight-week program focused on weight loss—look for details early in the year!

make the connection

Foundations of Wellness for Women has given me the opportunity to deepen my connections with the thriving health and wellness field—in Ann Arbor and beyond—and I hope you’ll take advantage of as many of the resources we offer as you can!

Ready to get a taste of what’s on the buffet? Sign up for our November (and, if you like, December) conversations!

Don’t see the topic you want to learn more about? Leave a comment below!