Fl!p Your K!tchen update!

Lots going on with the cookbook these days – first and foremost, the pre-order page will soon be available!


In the meantime, deepest appreciation to my village:

  • creativity coach Chad Allen for holding my hand, giving me all the great book publishing info, and asking all the right questions
  • my peer coaches Paula Roelands and Scott Ricci for letting go of my hand and holding me accountable for this project as in all things
  • my “doulas” for their unflagging enthusiasm and attention to detail: Marine Yanikian Sutton for the editing, Ingela Oginsky for the recipe testing, and the entire Oginsky clan for their recipe tasting!
  • those who signed up for the online preview of the content and are helping to fund the project by doing so – the course started January 1, but you can still sign up and work at your own pace through the material!
  • Chuk Nowak for amazing photos – look for a sneak peek at these soon!
  • FYT Productions for the image featured here and for the upcoming video – I promise to do my homework!
  • Bill + Yolanda at CMYK Imperial Printing for saying, “Yes, we can do that. And that. And that. No problem.”
  • Angela Knight at Knight’s Family Kitchen for giving my cooking classes a shiny new venue
  • Many coaching clients and cooking students who have said, “You should write a cookbook….”

Stay tuned….


  1. Debbie W

    so excited for you Liza and for us! Your cookbook is going to be amazing, because you have put so much Love into it!

    1. lizabaker

      Thanks, Debbie – I couldn’t do it without your bodywork and energy work – you are my favorite self-care flavor!

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