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Fl!p Your K!tchen | Cookbook update

What’s New + Good?

Lots! In fact, so much that I couldn’t wait to share some of my good news about the progress of the cookbook and express my gratitude to those who have helped create it.

Chuk Nowak Photography

Let’s start with the stunning picture above! Chuk Nowak of Chuk Nowak Photography is responsible for the beautiful photos you’ll see in the book – I was a bit nervous about my simple cooking standing up to a pro, but he makes it look amazing. It’s all I can do not to share every last one with you all NOW. But as a teaser, one of my collaborators who did see them all said, “I didn’t know beets could be sexy!”

The cookbook’s cover and interior design are almost finalized, and they are beautiful! Not going to spoil that surprise – you’ll have to wait until November to see it! Deep gratitude to Sean McDonald of Sean McDonald Design and to Nikki McDonald for the connection, and to Jennifer Lukela for connecting me to Nikki, and…well, you get the point, there are no coincidences.

Victoria Zegler and Christian O’Grady of FYT Productions are creating some cool video collateral and keep pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone in terms of being in front of a video camera. I understand there’s a whole outtake reel of the faces I make – hoping that never gets out.

Thanks to creativity coach Chad Allen of ChadR.Allen.com for taking on a project slightly outside his usual scope – he has made the self-publishing process a little more manageable and a little less intimidating.

I don’t know where I’d be without Ingela Oginsky. Fl!p Your K!tchen wouldn’t exist without her: she is not only a frequent student in my classes and an avid heckler about “When are you going to write that cookbook?” – she also stepped up and single-handedly tested every recipe in the book! At last count, she had tested all but 3 of the 155 recipes in the span of 6 months. And thanks to Tom and every one of the Oginsky kids for putting up with all the testing and tasting!

Huge appreciation likewise to Marine Yanikian Sutton, who is not only my soul sister but an amazing writer and editor herself. She’s almost done with the text edits, and she’s asking all the right questions and pushing me in all the right directions. Again, it’s no coincidence that we met at a park called Shane’s Inspiration – I always leave conversations with Marine inspired.

Lots more people to thank – including all of you who read this blog and give me so much feedback and inspiration on a regular basis.


Not going to lie, I really, really want to share a tiny bit of the book with you NOW.

You can read the introduction (no, I’m not giving away the designed version) at Welcome (back) to your kitchen.

Okay. One more tiny taste.

You can make a delicious pesto – maybe using the ingredients in the photo above?

Nope. That’s it. No more. You’ll have to stay tuned for more updates….

[This post has been edited to correct the link to the recipe.]