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Reclaim Your Flame

Reclaim Your Flame

Is your flame lighting you up with joy … or making you feel like a hot mess?

Join us and learn…

  • The secret nobody’s telling you about how to stop feeling like a hot mess (and some insight into why they aren’t sharing it with you)
  • Why listening to your BFF’s advice may be bad for your health (and turning to your husband for sympathy may be bad for his!)
  • How to leave behind compare and despair (the answer may surprise you)
  • Why all that self care is not the answer

You’ll leave with 3 simple strategies you can start using NOW to reclaim your flame and use it to light yourself up with joy instead of letting it make you feel like a hot mess, to move from hot flash to power surge.

Thursday, April 4


The Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan, 510 S. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor

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